GSF Youth Orchestra Festival 2024

The 2nd edition of the GSF Youth Orchestra Festival creates a mutually supportive environment for musicians to learn and experience the rich culture of music. Comprising collaborative activities of professional masterclasses and sectionals, alongside immersion and local school exchanges, this festival aims to nurture musicians as future leaders of the music scene while creating the opportunity for musicians to make life-long friends. 

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World Strings Day [Christmas]

Welcome to World Strings Day, a vibrant celebration of the universal language of music! At WSD, we invite you to rediscover your love for strings in a musical oasis like no other. Whether you’re an experienced musician, a dedicated teacher, a passionate hobbyist, or someone looking to try something new, WSD welcomes you with open arms.

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Our approach


We believe that we can shape a more inclusive global society through creating platforms and organising events that enrich communities and by building global trust though encouraging a global participation network.

Wide community of members

The GSF is a community for all music and art enthusiasts. We welcome anyone with a keen interest in music or community-building to join us!

Building local community chapters

To ensure that we are able to have sustainable impact on local communities and to unite our global society, we help build and develop local and regional community chapters.

Growth Through Partnership

Global impact can only be achieved through synergistic partnerships. We continuously seek and build partnerships across sectors to scale greater heights. 

Take Action, Get Involved!


Take action and join us on our mission to reach out to the community and to unite musicians for community impact. Together we can rekindle the spirit of music communities and generate an impact on societies globally.



We believe in continuously building partnerships to synergsise impact. Whether you’re an individual, an organisation or institution, if you would be interested in working with us, send us an enquiry to kickstart the conversation.


Align your brand with music, education and authentic social impact. If you would be interested in sponsoring one of our initiatives, or better yet, co-create a programme, we’d be excited to hear from you and potentially work with your brand for CSR Consultancy. 


With our myriad of events and programmes, you can be a local player in your community. Any and all donations will also go towards supporting these programmes, enabling us to support young musicians globally. 

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