We are a global network of strings and music enthusiasts that desire to impact our communities whilst sharing our collective love and passion for music.

Our approach


We believe that we can shape a more inclusive global society through creating platforms and organising events that enrich communities and by building global trust though encouraging a global participation network.

Wide community of members

The GSF is a community for all music and art enthusist. Anyone can be a member, as long as you believe in using music to impact communities.

Building local community chapters

To ensure that we are able to have sustainable impact on local communities and to unite our global society, we help build and develop local and regional community chapters.

Building partnership networks

Global action can only be achieved through the power of mutually beneficial partnerships. We continuously seek and build partnership for amplified impact.

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Take Action, Get Involved!


Take action and join us on our mission to reach out to the community, to build audiences and the next generation of musicians. Together we can rekindle the spirit of music communities and generate an impact on societies globally.


We believe in continuously building partnerships to synergsise impact. Whether you’re an individual, an organisation or institution,if you would be intertested in working with us, send us an enquiry to kickstart the conversation.


We build platforms, programmes and organise events that unite musicians for community impact. If you would be interested in sponsoring one of our initiatives, or better yet, co-create a programme, we’d be excited to hear from you.


All donations goes towards supporting our programmes, enabling us to support young musicians from around the world and impacting communities globally.